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Electrochemical evidence for in situ microbial activity at the Deep Mine Microbial Observatory (DeMMO), South Dakota, USA

The subsurface is Earth's largest reservoir of biomass. Micro‐organisms are the dominant lifeforms in this habitat, but the nature of their in situ activities remains largely unresolved. At the Deep Mine Microbial Observatory (DeMMO) located in the …

Mineral‐hosted biofilm communities in the continental deep subsurface, Deep Mine Microbial Observatory, SD, USA

Deep subsurface biofilms are estimated to host the majority of prokaryotic life on Earth, yet fundamental aspects of their ecology remain unknown. An inherent difficulty in studying subsurface biofilms is that of sample acquisition. While samples …

Establishment of the Deep Mine Microbial Observatory (DeMMO), South Dakota, USA, a Geochemically Stable Portal Into the Deep Subsurface

We established the Deep Mine Microbial Observatory (DeMMO) in the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF), Lead, SD, USA to sample naturally draining fracture fluids at six spatially distributed sites from the shallowest (800 ft) to the deepest accessible (4,850 ft) depths. Here we report on the installation and subsequent two-year aqueous geochemical monitoring campaign of the DeMMO network.